Where is your grandma? 阿嬤在哪裡?

You are a responsible, expert-level social worker, and Chinese New Year is around the corner. There are so many grandmas still on the street, lost in direction and looking for their way home. Your institute wants to bring them home at all cost, as they are willing to provide you with overtime pay. They ask you to bring grandmas home before time runs up, so grandmas can gather with their family on Chinese New Year! In order to complete mission, earn more money while become the best social worker on the planet, you embark on a trip to find grandmas! 你是一位有責任感、專業的社工。 農曆新年快到了!但是,仍然有大量的阿嬤們,忘記回家的方向,在街頭上流浪著。你的機構不計任何代價,要付給你更多的加班費,請你將阿嬤們帶回家,好讓阿嬤在農曆新年之前與家人團聚! 為了在新年前達成目標、賺到加菜金、並成為這星球上最厲害的社工,你踏上了尋找阿嬤的冒險之旅! 遊戲玩法 Game mechanics: Have you ever played 'Where's Wally'? It's a well-known picture book throughout the globe, as readers have to find Wally, who always wore clothes with red and white stripes, in the enormously-detailed pictures. ‘Where is your grandma?’ is built on the concept of finding characters, as this game invites you to identify grandmas who wear different clothes! Grandmas are scattered around a 3D-constructed Town, waiting for social worker – which is you – to bring them home. Players will receive clue from the game, which will include info about grandma’s clothes and their direction. Players will wander through the streets and recognize grandma with clothes corresponded to the clue; furthermore, once you recognize grandma, click on grandma and bring them home! 你玩過「威利在哪裡」嗎?一款全球知名的兒童繪本,讀者要在令人眼花撩亂的場景圖畫之中,找出穿著紅白條紋衣服的威利。 「阿嬤在哪裡?」建築在「尋找人物」的概念之上,並邀請你找出各式穿著的阿嬤!阿嬤散落在3D立體的城鎮之中,等著社工帶他們回家。 玩家會在畫面上獲得提示,提示包含阿嬤的穿著以及方向。玩家將穿梭在3D立體的街道之中,認出符合提示穿著的阿嬤;找到阿嬤之後,點擊阿嬤並帶他們回家! 找到一位阿嬤之後,提示會帶你尋找下一位阿嬤。在時間倒數結束之前,找到越多阿嬤越好!
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Keep it simple
Scale With A Song
MS Windows, Android device
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Unity (any product)


CJ (曾敬儒)


Banana (香蕉)

Carter (周柏晟)

Max (陳亦威)

Shijung (黃詩婷)

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