Way Back: A long journey to your pillow

On his way home, a cute cat defeat stray cats, using the power of love. He is discovering more about himself during this journey. Gameplay: Move Jump Shoot pick collectible Objective: Reach your doorstep before loosing your 9th life. Hint: Pay attention to what Old moggy the cat has to say.
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Keep it simple
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, GameMaker (any product), Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
1920x1080 only. Delta Time is unstable; Special configuration could create odd gaming experience...sorry
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2-Launch Exe


Bertand Toupet                SFX, Composer

Brice Maurin                     Game Design, Production Management

Emilie Boughanem          Narrative Design

Gaëtan Blaise-Cazalet    Programing

Jérôme Duraud                Rigging, Animation

Julien Chateau                 Tech Art ,Level Art

Mathieu Sancho               Art Direction, Props,Character, UI

Nicolas Counil                  Game Design, Level Design

Olivier Ruillard                  Environment Art

Adeline Rodrigues           Stunts, Well Behaving stewardship

Gamemaker version

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