Ultimate Super Smash Sibs

UltimateSuperSmashSibs is a Competitive Co-op sibling obstacle course. Four children were playing around in the woods when they hear their parents calling them for dinner! Feeling their empty stomachs, they quickly form two teams and start their race. Which team will win? Who's home first? This game requires four player! You can use Joysticks or a keyboard. When the game starts, you see four questionmarks representing the four players. To join the game a player needs to press one of his keys or axis. He can then select his Team with the left/right control and his character by the up/down control. When he is happy with his decision he presses the action key to signal that he is ready. He has to press the action key again if he likes to change his team or character again. Each character can only be used by one player and the teams need to have a size of 2 players each. Only if all 4 player are ready, the game starts. For more descriptions and a detailed keyboard mapping take a look at the github page (Repository Link) !
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Keep it simple
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Just download the binary, unzip and run it. The Code requires Unity Game Engine (v2018.3.3) to compile.


  • Andreas – Senior Child Manager (Programming)
  • Lena –Shoulder Pain Patient (Character Art)
  • Luka – Project Destruction Manager (Programming)
  • Malte – Time Wizard (Programming)
  • Kim – Lead Bridge Builder (Level Design, Programming)
  • Filiz – Running Picture Expert (Animation, Sound)

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