Tidy Tidy Home with Marie Kondo

You've just moved into your first apartment, but it doesn't feel quite like home just yet. First, you have to sort through a large pile of items. But don’t worry, Marie Kondo is here to help! In this game, find the items that spark joy and discover the magic of tidying. -------------------------- Check out the readme file for instructions on how to play. Each type of item will require different movements. -------------------------- You'll use the analog joysticks along with A to keep, and press B to discard. ------------------------------------- To keep clothes -- 1) L or R joystick in; 2) R or L joystick in; 3) both joysticks down + A button --------------- To keep socks -- 1) L and R inwards at the same time; 2) L and R down + A --------------- To keep books -- 1) L and R outwards; 2) R inwards + A --------------- To keep mementos -- 1) Y to turn
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Audacity, Maya, TTS

Design, programming - Alex Lee

Design, programming - Luis Brito

3D Art - Vanessa Rosuello

2D Art - Cherie Trammell

UI, art direction  - Rusty Perrett

Writing, sound - Stephanie Chan

Writing, sound - Tracy Kawabata

Music, sound - Logan Stahley

Freesounds.org sound effects: JustInvoke, Planman, Freakinbehemoth, MattLeschuck, Supakid13, BristolStories, MeefBeef, FoolBoyMedia, Aldenroth2, Reitanna, Ryan Smith

Special thanks to Marie Kondo

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