Thinking inside the box

A physical cockpit constructed in the image of a human head functions as a alternative controller for this first person experience. The head and being inside it represents the inner self where we all reside.
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Other digital platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game is built into and around a unique physical installation.
Installation Instructions: 

This game relies on a physical installation. The installation consists of a shelter made from cardboard boxes, duct tape, plastic bags, paper, screws and bolts. The interior is designed to look like the inside of a large head. You sit in an armchair with a joystick attached to each arm rest. The player enters the shelter and views the game world through the eye sockets of the head (each with a screen bolted to it) and controls their avatar using the joysticks.


Low poly models from AxeyWorks on Unity Asset store
Skybox from BOXOPHOBIC on the Unity Asset store
Low poly models from the TRIBE2020 project

The sounds in the game is a mix and manipulation of sounds from:

Game Stills: