Ten to Smash

Hi, my name’s Ben; and this is Ten to Smash, a 4-player-2-controllers competitive co-op party game about the having to clean up my flat before my friends (who made this game with me) arrive for an evening of smash and drinks! Three players will have to share one controller, controlling my friends as they make their way to my apartment without dropping any party pizzas (while dodging dash-hounds)! Meanwhile, one player plays me – trying their best to clean up my flat through a series of wacky mini-games. Two Xbox One controllers (or equivalent), and three friends are required to play this game.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Ben Clarke
Anna Yngvesson
Maria Levander
Johanna Rasmussen
Rickard von Friesendorff
Fredrik Kaiser
Robin Zeijlon
Vanja Waller
Kristian Jonsson


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