Take me home

“Take me home” is a game about a journey. About discoveries. About helping each other. Because home is not in the buildings in which we live, but where people’s heart lies. The game tells the story of a traveller during the way back to his lighthouse and wants to emphasize the spirit of collaboration we need to overcome all the obstacles we find in our path. During the adventure the player can interact with various people, each one with a different need to satisfy and it’s up to us to decide if helping them or not. But be careful! When the night comes no one knows what kind of perils it brings with it and you may find yourself asking for a safe house… But who will answer your call? “Take me home” is a very intimate game, where the touching music and the stunning old-school art style give you an experience that we’re sure will touch anyone who decides to live it.
Jam year: 
Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Pietro Barazza, Lucia Maj, Simone Carugati, Alessandro Li Greci, Chiara Valdrighi, Chiara Carapellese, Alice Romano (aka Noah), Walter Bonefacic, Lorenzo Morselli, Leonardo El Tannir.

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