Shacked Up

Washed up on a small island with sea in all directions, do some fishing and find a way to make this place your home. Controls: WASD - Movement, Left Mouse - Place Furniture, Right Mouse - Pick Up Furniture, Scroll Wheel - Scroll through Furniture Inventory, Q - Delete Selected Furniture in Inventory, 1/, - Rotate Counterclockwise, 2/. - Rotate Clockwise, P - Pause
Jam year: 
Protect the Oceans
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Project Lead/Prop Artist/Tech Artist: Ryan Owsinski

Lead Programmer: Andy Simons

Lead Artist: Carla M Cruz

Programmer/Environment Artist: Shannon Devine

UI Artist/2D Animator/Trailer Coordinator: Riley Sexton

Audio/Level Designer/Programmer/Cinematic Artist: Phillip Corrado

Composer/Editor: Greg Gonzalaz




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