Sea Land

The unstoppable amount of trash being thrown at the sea, created a new giant trash island. Three Special Creatures will help each other to save their home. The Pelican - Eat the Creatures from trash Island The Dragon - Clean the Trash from Trash Island (But he can't see where it is) The Turtle - Send Wave Signs to the Dragon. The Player must Control the turtle (Arrows or W,S,A,D) explore the island, and put radio signs in the trash (Space or J) to feed the Dragon. Everytime a monster attacks, the Turtle must run towards the pelican. Team Note: We Knew many People would claim "Home" as a place revigorating, horrible, messy, Heartwarming, where your heart lives. We focused more on the opposite, where you can't live without it, where you should take care, more on what you need to do for your home and not what home gives you back.
Jam year: 
Art of Sharing
Happy Anniversary
Protect the Oceans
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Euler Moisés - Sound Designer (Trilhas Sonoras e Edição de Efeitos)

Kaish - Programmer (Programador)

Logan Quasar - Game Design, Screenplay (Roteiro e Game Design)

Renato Eike - Game Design, Vector Graphics Design (Game Design e Arte)

Thalles Almeida Rêgo - Level Design and Sound Effects (Level Design e Criação de Sons)