Save the Date

You are chilling in your home, your sweet sweet cradle of filth, when you get a call. It's your girlfriend! See is going to come visit soon, but your house is a mess! And you are a clumsy dinosaur with noodle arms! You gotta hurry and clean the mess before she arrives. Tuck your tail away and get on it! Keyboard Controls: Move with WASD Turn with Arrow Keys Pick Up with left hand: Q Pick Up with right hand: E Controller Controls: Move with left stick Turn with right stick Pick up with left hand: Left Trigger Pick up with right hand: Right Trigger Keep your CHAOS METER low, Trash goes in the Trashcan! Put things were they belong! Skip Cutscene with Escape or Start (on Xbox pad). Play / Restart by pressing Start on Xbox pad or clicking on relevant Menu options.
Jam year: 
Scale With A Song
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Extract .zip and:
Execute the .exe file (Windows)
Try to execute the Application file (Mac). When not able to, go to Privacy in Mac Settings, and press Open Anyway to authorize the Application.


Dave Dragomirovic - Programming, cat poops

Dennis Lorenz - UI, project management

Klemens Reckfort - Programming

Nik Douglas - Art, music, sound design

Jan-Helme Henke - Programming

Marina Hilliger - Design, particles

Xanto Nemot - Programming, project management

Game Stills: