Salvaged Memory

Androids abandoned on a failing ship in deep space band together to find their home and creators. When your companions offer their parts to restore power to the ship granting the remaining members of your party an opportunity to reconnect with humans and find salvation, will you choose to leave them behind? Take microchips from your fellow androids to complete circuits and restore power to your ship in Flow-based puzzles. Left click to drag and drop chips into available slots. Use the scroll wheel or left and right arrow keys to rotate chips and direct the flow of electricity completing your circuit.
Jam year: 
Mind over matter
Under the Hood
Bolter is jammed!
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download the file. Unzip the folder and extract. Once extracted navigate to SpaceBots.exe and run.


Jonathan Williamson - Producer, Artist

Kamau Vassall - Programmer, Story Writer

Kristoffer Castaldo - Puzzle Designer, UI/Puzzle Interaction Programmer, Story

Robert Martindale - Artist

Toby Rodriguez - Sound Effects, Composer, Dialog Sound Bites

Game Stills: