Cooperative game, fast paced, funny and surreal. Four strange characters share the same flat and have to coordinate themselves or get thrown out! The players move their avatars from room to room to do some daily chores and solve issues: washing the dishes, filling the fridge, fixing the television, cleaning the toilet, cooking and so on... Doing these chores is no piece of cake and coordinating with the other players is even harder! Fulfilling tasks and quickly facing the unexpected requires a lot of communication between players and a thoughtful organization: orders are shouted, races and crashing around the house is to be expected! Be sure to play with your friends, since this game is meant for 4 players on one keyboard. Have fun!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

You can also find the executables in the Source files.

- Download the directory folder

- Go to release

- Open the executable file



- Beatrice Rigazzi (Justcommander)

- Lucia Gentile

- Veronica Sinetti (Vicas)

- Nicolò Azzolini (Th0reK)



- Daniele Cena

- Lorenzo Perego (Lornard)

- Matteo Manicone



- Stefano Puricelli 

- Mattia Giovanetti

- Mattia Persico

- Massimiliano Mechelli 

- Luca Molteni

- Valerio De Vittorio



- Tullio Guli (gulitullio)

- Davide Rambaldi (drambaldi)



- Gabriele Pani (Gatoto)