Return to Home

home is defined a safe place for live, safe against risks, for example wind, rain, heat, cold, ... and provide comfort for a family. but in view with a bigger scale, whole earth planet is our home. In universe, we can live in "this pretty blue globe" only. This game is about an astronaut that their spaceship is exploded in a spatial accident and all their colleagues are dead. The astronaut was out of space ship for maintenance and he is alive now. He is near to earth and finds a mission to take some parts of ship's memory and return to home. He has 2 air compressed capsule, one of them for breathing and other for moving in space. Player must help to the astronaut to do his mission. Air for breathing will be finished in specified time but some capsule remained of ship in space and he can touch it and carry or use it. Number of usage's times of capsule for moving is limited. Some big parts of ships are wander in space and if astronaut impact with them, his health will be decreased. The astronaut must touch home only and impact with other area of earth is not so good.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)