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It is a board game where all of the players want to reach the base as the earliest one. The players are astronauts, and the base is the world; which is the home for all of us, for the humans, for the living species. (WINDOWS VERSION IS NOT COMPLETED.)
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 - 4 players
AGE: 11+
1 pc game board
1 pc octohedral, 1 pc regular dice
3x8=24 pcs obstacle token
3x8=24 pcs boost token
4 player dummies
At least two players must play the game. There can be 2 to 4 players at most.
At the beginning of the game, obstacle and boost tokens will put into places one by one. By starting from the first order, octohedral dice is rolled. At first, obstacle tokens will put into the places which is the number of the dice with summing from the base. After 12 of the orders are completed for obstacles, boost tokens will put into places likewise with using octohedral dice. If obstacles and boost tokens are overlapping, then the dice will be rolled over again. When all of the tokens are in places, the game can be started.
For starting the game, the players roll the dice and the player which has the bigger number will start playing. The order of playing between players is clockwise.
The player roll the octohedral dice to decide what direction he/she will be headed. (1 is for backwards, 2 is leftback diagonal, 3 is left, 4 is leftforward diagonal, 5 is forward, 6 is righforward diagonal, 7 is for right, 8 is rightback diagonal.) When the direction is determined, then what distance can he/she goes determined by regular dice roll. (1 to 6 numbers as usual)
If the player encounters with an obstacle, then the obstacle can block/revert one or two steps the player. If the player encounters with a boost, then the boost can redirect/advance one or two steps the player. The players will roll the dices until one of the players reach the base which is world. If the players encounters with another player, then the player which is encountered is obliged to go 2 steps back.
The first astronaut who reaches the world will be victorious.

Space Garbage: The player waits one turn to roll the dices.
Satellite: The player goes one step back.
Meteor: The player goes two steps back.
Jetpack: The player roll the dices twice.
Space Ship: The player goes one step any direction he/she wants.
Space Station: The player goes two steps any direction he/she wants.


Çağkan Uludağlı

Damla Engin - (with Precious Love, Effort and Support)

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