It’s that time. The time we all face time to time, even if we don’t want to. Moving day! But this time you are moving all alone. The old house is half empty. The new house is half empty. Nothing is like it used to be. Try your best, try to make this your new safe haven, the place you can call home.
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Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1. Unzip
2. Run FGJ2019.exe
3. Set prefered graphic settings and controls
4. Click Play!


Juuso "UuXo" Perttilä | Team Mascot, Polygon Architect of Destruction, Beveridge Boy, Bad Influence
Juulia Lidman              | Amazing 2D art drawer
Mika Savolainen          | Coder, Professional Paint artist, Beveridge drinker
Ria Gynther                  | Producer, Writer, Assets hunter
Tinja                              | Assistant

Special thank's

House wouldn’t be a home without comfy furniture, ours are by:
Sevastian Marevoy. Realistic Furniture And Interior Props Pack. Available at:

"Thank you for the music" aka CC licenced music is by:
Steven O'Brien. Fantasia No. 1 in C minor. Available at:

We hope you also noticed the awesome sound of your foot steps, done by:
Arnaud Coutancier. Steps on a wooden floor of an old chapel. licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial. Available at:

And impressive thump that makes all the difference by:
SamsterBirdies. Thump. Licenced under the Creative Commons 0 License. Available at:

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