Quesadilla Pesadilla

Pesadilla Quesadilla places you in a mexican child’s nightmare. Children and monsters play on a board covered in all of our worst nightmares. If you are playing as a child, you must try to get to escape monsters to be able to wake up. if you are a monster, you’ll try to keep them asleep so that they cannot escape the nightmare. Children will use items and power-ups such as chanclas and a loved one’s hug to outrun the monsters. In the other hand, monsters will use children’s fear to stop them from waking up.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Ana Elisa Rodríguez

Andrea Galindo

Fernanda Herrera

Ian del Campo

Isaac Estrada

María Maafs 

Nadia Ramírez

Óscar Huicochea

Rudy Hernández

Yalith Mendoza

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