Powerdudes: The Last Defenders.

PowerDudes ! Your Captain, PowerMan need you ! The Power-SpaceShip is under attack, you must protect it ! This game is an Real-time Tactical where you have to protect the main generator of your spaceship for 4 minutes. Control 4 units called PowerDudes as the same time, each one has specific ability ; Flamethrower for the RedDude, the GreenDude have Mines, YellowDude put Crates to block enemies way and PinkDude can stun all enemies around him !
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Kilian Baptendier - 2D Artist / Game Design

Mathis Bressaud - Programming / Game Design

Maxime Driot - Programming / Game Design / UI Design

Charlie Morel - Sound Design / Game Design / Level Design

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