Postcards From Afar

A narrative game where you play a traveler halfway around the world from their lover, each on a separate journey with vastly different experiences. As you proceed through your personal narrative you collect "moments" and then you choose which of those moments to share with your lover via postcard. How do you relate to one another? What stories do you tell? Do you keep things light, talk about your troubles, or share your feelings? Can you maintain your connection to home even when you are a world apart?
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Technology Notes: 
Created for the Game Boy Color using RGBDS BGB GameBoy Emulator Tile Designer and Tile Map Editor for Game Boy
Installation Instructions: 

You will need a Game Boy with a flash cart or a Game Boy emulator (such as BGB:


Sofie Ayala - Writing

Luigi Guatieri - Art

Greg Kinneman - Design, Programming

Graham Pentheny - Programming

Game Stills: