Pizza Strife

It's Dinner time! Pizza Strife is an intensely fast-paced multiplayer videogame (local, up to 4-players) that throws the player into a procedurately generated house, with their main objective being having all the pizza for their own selves. A simple yet fut experience suited to all kinds of players. * Choose between 4 player characters: the adorable granny, the tight-controlling mother, the grumpy father and annoying rat-kid son. Each player character has their own perks and powers! * Get to the center of the procedurately generated arena and keep your hands on the pizza until the time limit ends, but be wary of the other players! * Each room will have its own characteristics. There's a wide variety of different bathrooms, kitchens and other house locations. Use the map to your advantage! - GAME MANUAL - A controls screen is provided in the game. In order to play Pizza Strife, you must play with a console controller. Left Stick: Move Right Stick: Aim Attack A: Confirm/Next L1: Special Attack R1: Dash There are a total of 4 different player characters in Pizza Strife and each of them has their own unique special attack. *Mother: Sweep the area by throwing your chancleta around like a boomerang and stunt your rivals for a limited period of time. Show the family members how it's done! *Grandma: Throw a freshly-made croquette in a parabolic angle in order to attract the other player's attention. Aim carefully and unleash multiple black voids made out of spanish delice! *Father: Scream and shout as loudly as you can to slow down the rivals as long as they enter your field of action. Make your familiars respect you! *Son: Dab yourself into a perfect defense which will grant you inmunity against the other players' attacks. Disclaimer: We didn't clear the Forn*te dance copyright deal in time to submit the game build. We're sorry. In addition, if you dash against other characters, you might be able to stunt them for a moment. It's the perfect way to steal the pizza from your opponent!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
  1. Fuensanta Pelegrín Cervera (Level Designer)
  2. José Carlos Montano Sánchez (Designer/3D Model/Programmer/FX)
  3. Adrián San Pedro Ortega (Programmer/UX)
  4. Andrea Arroyo del Campo (Marketing)
  5. Antonio Ruiz Salgado (Producer/UX/Marketing)
  6. Javier Rojo Moreno (Programmer)
  7. Marina Martín de Armas (Concept Artist/3D Model)
  8. Noelia Verdura Barajas (Concept Artist/3D Model)

​​Special Thanks: Rebeca Muñoz Bernal

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