Personal Space Invaders

~ WINNER of Global Game Jam Austin 2019 "Best Title" ~ Game Description: In 2020, an alien armada descended on the heart of the nation. The National Guard moved to intervene, and a fierce battle tore through the city. You are Alex McCoy. You live in a small town three hours away. You were just settling in for a nice morning of reading and a cup of coffee. But now everyone is coming over to your house for a de facto house party as the neighborhood falls apart. Keep them happy by talking to them and moving them to where they want to go! Controls: Start Button - Start the Game! Left Joystick - Move Around! A Button - Grab People! B Button - Drop People! X Button - Talk to People!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Online Access Required to play our build of this game!

Nathaniel Chambers: Code, Production
Jim Newsome: Code
Bonnie Bogovich: Art, Level Design
Garrett Steele: Music, Writing, QA
Jeff McMillen: Code, Sound Design, Production

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