Orphanage Tycoon

It's time to care for the little children that don't have a home. Build an orphanage to accommodate children and help them get adopted. Expand to a huge complex, full of life and joy!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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How to play

The game is basically endless. See how big you can build your orphanage.


Children have needs that you should take care of:

  • They will sleep once in a while.
  • They need to eat, hungry children get unhappy.
  • They want to stay happy. Sad children will run away!


So how to build your orphanage:

  • Dorm: Allow you to house more orphans, they go here to sleep.
  • Kitchen: Feed the children, this room needs an employee.
  • Play Room: Playing here will make kids happy.
  • Classroom: Increase the education of the kids to improve the chance for adoption. This room also needs an employee.
  • Janitor: Keeps the rooms clean and functional. Needs an employee.

Each time a room gets used it gets dirty or damaged. This will make future uses less efficient until the room gets attention by an janitor.


To hire employees you need to have the required room. Employees of higher level will increase the efficiency of a room but also ask for more salary.


Things that will cost you money:

  • Hiring new employees will cost their salary as sign up bonus.
  • Building a room.
  • Monthly salary.
  • Fines for children that ran away.

How to get money:

  • Government funding. The more children are living in your orphanage the bigger the budget.
  • Adoption donations. Parents will donate on adoption, they will be more delighted about educated kids.
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