Home is where your friends are, even if its in a rental ship in the cold void of space. You find warmth in the the presences and bonds you share with your friends as you journey through space to get your deposit back on your rental. In Nyooom!!! you and three friends work together on one keyboard and mouse to navigate and survive space to reach the rental dealer intact. Controls: Harvarti: Left Click to boost. Right Click to rotate toward mouse. Bon Bon: Move: WASD Interact: Q/E Veronica: Move: IJKL Interact: U/O Kenny: Move: Arrow Keys Interact: Right Ctrl/Numpad0
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Photoshop 3DS Max Maya 3DCoat Substance Painter Zbrush



Programming    - Ben Jones, Everett Cincoski

Level Design    - Everett Cincoski

VFX        - Evertt Cincoski, Ben Jones

3D Modeling     - Jordan Bischer, Roy McIntosh, Troy Brisson

Character Design - Jordan Bischer

Retopology     - Troy Brisson, Jordan Bischer, Spencer Shipp

Rigging     - Troy Brisson

Animation    - Troy Brisson

Texturing    - Jordan Bischer, Roy McIntosh, Troy Brisson

2D Art        - Nathan Michell, Jordan Bischer

Concept Art    - Nathan Michell

Sound and Music Design  - Nathan Michell

Character Consultant     - Emily Foster


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