The Nest

You are the Queen of the Red or the Green ant colony. Make your choice! In between you lies the Blue ants' territory. You build and defend your home-nest at the base of a tree trunk. Click on the globes, drag and release to send your ants towards the resources, to expand your territory. The ants have to walk along the ant paths marked by pine needles. You want to find resources such as dead worms, snakes, or dropped food. The more resources you control, the faster the strength of your nest grows, indicated by the growth of your home-nest globe. You have to battle the globes of the other ant territories. ||||| Fun facts about ants: Did you know there are an estimated 22,000 species, and about 10 quadrillion ants in the world? ||||| Ants are the longest living insects. The queen ant of one species can live up to 30 years. ||||| The ant is one of the strongest creatures by size. An ant can carry 50 times its own weight.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Phaser 3

Art & Design - Niilo Kajala Code - Sampo Tolvanen & Viljami Peltola Music - Ilari Halonen & Amanda Lim Management - Juho Rissanen

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