Need to make a living to make a home: A living from the local Nuclear Power Plant

Make a living as an engineer, and build yourself a home in this local community. You are a newly employed engineer at the local nuclear power plant. At this plant, employees go up the ranks fast, but get canned faster. Get a Blue Screen of Death? Canned. Forgot your password? Canned. Survive to get to level 8 and have your living ensured as a manager. Managers do not get canned. Your work is done through the ancient enterprise operating system NclrPPCs-OS. It doesn't make it easier.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Node JS and various npm packages.
Installation Instructions: 

Everything is installed and run through the terminal (except the game that is run through the browser).
1. Start a terminal and go the the "server" directory from the project root. 
2. run "npm install". Wait unti it is finished.
3. Go to the "client" directory from project root and run "npm install". Wait until it is finished.
4. Run "npm install webpack -g". Then run "webpack". Wait until finished.
5. Go back to the "server" directory from project root. Run "node ./server.js". Let it run there while you start the game in the browser in the next step.
6. Open Google Chrome and go to the address "localhost:1234".
8. Put your headphones on and enjoy the game! or dont


August Alexandersson

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