Mi Ba shia (Am coming home)

Nii KUROS is a young boy who lives with his mother and father. NII’s family isn’t like most others, his parents are both archeologists who don’t spend a great deal amount of time home. They mostly travel for work and because of this they have little time for the young energetic boy! However, they try their best to give their son whatever he needs and have as much time as they can spare away from work with him but all the luxuries and comfort and even precious time isn’t what NII truly wants. NII has grown tired of his house and loathes it, he hates staying home and doesn’t like his parents gone. At this point there’s nothing he want’s more than to be gone from this place he hates most. On this particular day NII’s parent’s had left him for a meeting out of town, they gave him everything he would need like always before leaving. Once more he was alone at home and hating the idea! He hated his life and quickly grew bored playing his handheld gaming device. NII had been in every part of the house apart from his parents study, they warned him not to go anywhere near there! You see sometimes depending on people’s line of work they may bring home trophies or medals or special items! For NII’s parents it was no different, as well as nothing ordinary ! They sometimes brought home Old Artefacts from their various expeditions and here is where they kept them all. Priceless pieces of history almost like a home museum, NII in his curiosity and anger stormed there and started breaking things one after another, after a while he got tired but was still angry and shouted “I wish I was never home” he then drew out his handheld device to play again and sat on a Golden stool. The stool began glowing and in the blink of an eye he was sucked into the handheld screen. You are NII KUROS! You wake up in a mirror world similar to the one you know, only difference is there are SHADOW MONSTERS that have taken the form of your worst fear and they are flying at you! If they catch you they will steal your soul and trap you here forever! Your only chance of survival is to run! RUN and avoid all the monsters to get back home!
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
It is dangerous to go alone, take this!
This is where we came in, right?
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Can be played from any microsoft computer.Contains an exe file.run and play.