Max wants to go home

You're Max, a guy working at the office. Your job is to just help around whoever might need help. A colleague comes to ask for some coffee. Fair enough, easy peasy. But, oh, another colleague needs their document scanned, oh, and other one wants you to water the plants. It's all too much! Your colleagues constantly bother you with annoying requests. Th stress is too much, and building still. Thankfully your day ends at 6pm, at home you can de-stress and relax Watch some TV, and maximize your de-stressing. But a new day at work always comes. See how long you can stay alive until you die from the stress. (note, not balanced, home sort of broken) PS: About the name... In getting a room assigned to jam in, Max was the one talking to the jamsite person, who asked for a teamname. No team name was decided, so they put down "Team Max", which later became an inside joke, which then slipped into the name of the game, too. Max did not actually want to go home, not until the jam was over.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Installation Instructions: 

Unpack, and then click the game exe

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