Machina Waltz

So stop me if you have heard this before... But, on a derelict spaceship floating through space there lived five robots. You are the Robard--the singing and dancing robot in charge of entertaining the passengers. All the passengers on the ship have died and most of the original robot crew have gone missing. The remaining robots all have a roll to play in getting the ship up and running again so you can keep the ship from falling apart and get back home, but after the accident most of them fell dormant. In order to wake them up, the Robard must sing and dance with each robot. As the Robard sings and dances with the robot crew he explains the story of the ship, the accident they befell, and what the robot can do to help get things back up and running. While the Robard sings and dances, the game becomes a rhythm game where the player keeps the robot dancing and makes narrative decisions à la Mad Libs about what happened here on the ship. The game plays on a sentimentality about transience and hardship away from home.
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programmers; Joe O., Micheal, Eagan, and Eli

Artists; Seth M., Alicia, John Z., T. Benson