The Living Room

You are a ghost who has happily lived in a dilapidated old mansion surrounded by its precious mementos from when it was alive for many years. But on one fateful day removalists arrived and set out to try and remove all of the mementos from the mansion. Play as the ghost to protect your mementos and scare all of the movers away. Scare the Movers while they are carrying your Mementos, and hover over dropped momentos to move them back to their original location. Outlast the Movers to win! Controls: Movement - WASD/Arrow Keys (For Keyboard), Control Stick/D-Pad (Xbox 360 Controller) Scare (4 Directional Range) - Space bar (For Keyboard), A button (Xbox 360 Controller)
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download the zipped folder listed under "Executable" 
2. Right click the zipped folder and select "Extract All"
3. Open the new folder created in Step 2
4. Double-click the executable file (The Living Room.exe)


Team DASJ:

Dan Miller - Lead Programmer, SFX Artist
Anthony Iob- Lead Designer, Producer, 2D Artist/Animation
Simon Wall - Lead 2D Artist, 2D Animation
Jeremy Burns - Lead Audio Designer, Designer

Game Stills: