Landing Home

Landing Home is a panic game where two players are inside a crumbling spaceship : they must survive to go back home on earth. Keep your Oxygen level above 0 and maintain your speed to get to earth alive. You will need two xbox one controllers to play this game on windows. How to play it ? You can grab / drop an item using 'X' button. Use the 'X' button to use an object in front of a compatible target. When the power is getting low, jump on the yellow button until charged ! If the power is completely down, engines will stopped working, you will stop moving and you will lose more oxygen ! When a fire starts you will lose Oxygen quicker, use the fire extinguisher by holding the 'X' button until the orange bar above is empty. When an engine breaks, it will stop working, therefore slowing you down... Don't wait to fix it or you won't get to earth before loosing all of your oxygen. Use the wrench and hold the 'X' button to repair it until the blue bar above is empty. When a meteorite comes to your ship, use the green button in the middle row until the laser bim is fully charged, then jump on the red button below to shoot the meteorite ! If it hits you anyway, it breaches the glass of your spaceship and you'll lose oxygen quicker ! A bandage will appear in the nursery room. Get it and patch the hole. You will sometimes have to jump to reach the hole. We hope you'll enjoy the game and don't forget to work together!
Jam year: 
Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the file and double click on LandingHome.exe


Nicolas Punzo : composer

Aude Valfroy : 3D artist / FX artist

Thibaut Fervença : programmer

Marie-Lou Henry-viel : sound designer

Vincent Constantin Turki : writer / level designer / voice actor

Mathieu Montreuil : programmer / game designer / integrator

Guilhem Desbrousses : 2D artist / project manager

Marie Legrand : programmer


Modelised with Blender

Powered by Unity

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