Knightmare Slayer

Your home has always been the happiest place on earth. Your father, your mother, your 6 year old sister and yourself, a 12 year old boy, have always loved and cherished each other, within these heartwarming walls. However, over the past few weeks, you have noticed that your parents didn't look as happy, and seemed to avoid one another. You even heard them yell at each other while breaking stuff. It broke your poor sister's little heart, she cry for an entire day... At night, you now feel an ominous presence in the house - nightmares. They tourment your beloved family and leave you with no other choice - You have to act, now! As the Knightmare Slayer, fight off your torn family's fears, and bring back your home's essential peace... hopefully... give it all you've got!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
REQUIRES GAME CONTROLLER --- Xbox recommended [360 or One]
Installation Instructions: 

Download the zipped file, unzip it, double click the executable


Yann Roirand ● PROD ●
Jules Guyomarch ● LEAD GD, QA ● [email protected]
Alexandre Nestorov ● GD, LEAD QA ● [email protected]
Yacine D ● GD, QA ●
Fabrizio Santoro ● DEV ● [email protected]
Timothy Bellaiche ● DEV, GD ●
Salomé Lysimaque Chapuis ● LEAD GFX, LEAD NARRATIVE ●
Anna Bressan ● GFX ●
Thibaut Dannenmuller ● GFX ●
Baptiste Belot ● MUSIC & SOUND ●

Special Thanks:

Entire Isart team ❤
All other GGJ participants @Isart ❤
Isart BDE ❤
Unity team guests @Isart ❤
Le général ✊
GGJ organizers worldwide ✈❦✨


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