juicy Alien: Fruits of Home

**IMPORTANT*** ----------------You must click PLAY and then click on the screen a few times until the mouse Disappears************** Explore a tropical island as an alien that needs to collect resources to return home. Each fruit has an ability attached to it! -A, D to move -Space to Banana Jump -J to Coconut Smash -K to Pineapple Belch -W D to Jack Fruit climb
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Randy Thedford Unreal Dev

Gabby Burkard Pixel Artist,

Jeff Cline Sound/Music FX,

Marty Kovach Pixel Artist,

Special Thanks to Nyssa Oru and Raymond Larabie for font "You're Gone" font family, and At Home for the "Alien" font family.

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Source files: