Jammer's House

The game is a story telling like "life is strange". The player can explore the house and interact with PNJ and objects while he's doing some tasks. We wanted to re create the astmosphere of a real house in a family. This is how we see the topic "House".
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Fuse Blender Maya Mixamo Photoshop Afinity
Installation Instructions: 

Size Game build is over 1 000 mb so there's a link on MEGA to download it



BattleLicorne: Fontaine Samuel [Progamming / Level Design / 3D / Animation]

Pendilium: Henry Yann [3D / Design / Animation]

SkapiZ : Hoareau Samuel [ Level Design / Intégration / Lighting]


Assets from Unreal Engine Store:

- Scifi Hallway

- Interior Toolkit


Some props 3D:

- Free3D.com



- Mixamo

Game Stills: