I remember

This competitive storytelling game borrows from the mechanics of Dixit, using instead words as prompts for sentence formation and linguistic creativity. In every round, one player acts as the storyteller: they pick a card containing between 2-4 words and must construct a sentence which contains at least one word of those in the card. The card must start with "I remember..." and must retell some sort of imaginary or real memory of the person (although most sentences end up wacky, in practice). Other players must secretly guess how many words the storyteller used from their card (without knowing the contents of the card). Those who guess the number correctly gain 1 point. If all players guess correctly or all players guess incorrectly, the storyteller gains no points. If at least one player (but not all!) guesses correctly the storyteller's number, the storyteller gains points equal to the number of words they used. The first to reach 30 points wins! To make the game replayable, a generator was constructed for the game, which shuffles and recombines words to form cards. The 100 most common verbs in the English language were used, and combined with all words from the Codenames games.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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