I Home You

Slip in the role of are a real estate architect who has to build the perfect home for the customers. Easy enough... But beware! Your clients range from frugal single person beggars to snobbish large families, self centered shared flat communities or religious church orders. They have 10 different needs you have to juggle the home around. And all of this on a low budget. And the best? Customers tell one another how you perform and will cut your budget on the next project. So, good luck!
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
This game uses the Frice game engine (https://icela.github.io/).
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Install Java 11 or higher.
  2. You can start the game by executing the IHomeYou-1.0.0.jar executable, either via double-click or from the command line with
    java -jar IHomeYou-1.0.0.jar

Game Mechanics - SharkofMetal

Backend Graph Analysis - merando

Graphics - IP

External assets used: Furniture icon set

Source files: