Household Superhero

‚Household Superhero‘ is a hectic single player game with an isometric perspective in which the player portrays a husband who has to tidy the house before his superhero-wife returns from her superhero-work. The player can move in and around the house to interact with various items that represent cleaning tasks. There are two types of interactables: - Puzzles: While interacting, a short skill game opens. There are different kinds of puzzles. If the player fails, he can try over and over again. - Portables: Can be picked up and dropped during an interaction. While carried, they show their target position. If they are dropped near their target position, they are ‚put in place‘. Generally, more than one portable belong to a target position, e. g. pillows on a couch. The player can see his current interactables as tasks (in shape of icons) in a to-do list. Over time new task are added. When the player ‚solves‘ an interactable, he gets points for that. In quick succession solved interactables lead to bonus points (multiplier). The player sees his remaining time in form of a clock. When the ‚countdown‘ hits 0, the superhero-wife returns from her superhero-work and the player gets a rating (and sees his highscore).
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Keep it simple
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Marcos Sancho Döll: hipster king, design (2D, 3D, UI, Corporate), music

Dennis Clausen: programming, level design (like a boss)

Sven du Carrois: programming, level design (like a Sir)

Christopher Ehlerts: programming, level design (like a Chris)

Svole Friedrich: asset-butcher, 3D-guy

Sandy Gumprecht: princess, design (2D, UI, Corporate)

Neox The Hamster: mascot and general source of happiness

Special thanks to Anuwat Pinitthommanat for the 3D model of 'Pinky and the Brain'.


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