House Of The Spooks

You are the ghost of a wealthy man who owned a beautiful old mansion, but several salesmen, and possible buyers, are trying to get their hands on your property. And that's no good! You are not gonna leave them get in love of your house, even after death! Your objective is to scare the intruders away before they purchase your precious mansion, but ghosts can't touch or interact with the living beings, so you should possess various objects scattered around the rooms to shake them, make scary noises, everything to spook them. Your ghost can pass through walls so that's a pretty advantage! But people sure are determined to be annoying and ruin your day, so you must be quick! Use your Dash to possess objects and/or boost your speed a little.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Reaper, a lil bit of Massive.
Installation Instructions: 

Inside the zip is the Windows build version and Mac.
For the Windows version open "HouseOfTheSpooksBuilds", then unzip "". In the folder "HouseOfTheSpooks" you can find "HouseOfTheSpooks.exe" to play the game!


- Facundo Uribe - AI Programming and math-magic, Game Design
- Ignacio Cozza - Character Programming, VFX, Game Design
- Mirna Logiohio - Visual Arts, models, textures
- Karina Logiohio - Sound FX 
-Alan Mandralli - Music