the house of broken feelings

The present game is based on how the title says, the home mainly. The mechanics of it must be based on a path full of puzzles, as the main character in this case a child, overcome these puzzles, remember objects, sounds or images of your home. The idea is that the protagonist is in a nightmare.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Some memories can occur as flashbacks, sounds, even people, but these people will act differently. We will try to use a mechanic to make decisions, whether to forgive or not to forgive that person for something he did to that character. This will be taken into account if it is easy or complicated to do. The scenario of this game will be taken as a corridor, this corridor will change little by little. As this character advances, in some rooms or areas he will present physical changes, as in a room he will appear as a child and in others as a teenager. In these scenes the protagonist has to find people, objects, sounds, and flashbacks including, people will have a small dialogue, this dialogue should mean an event that happened in the protagonist's past, it should be a few lines and in an interpretative way. The objects to find the character will have the mechanics of taking them or grabbing them, hence a larger window will appear zooming in on that object, when you get these objects and find their meaning, a heart will be built. This will be arming in parts the game to finish until that heart is completed. Even if it is possible to complete the dialogue with people in a satisfactory manner, since the player will have the option to make the decision with some to forgive them or not. It depends on the player as you see it. There is a game over in the game, this will happen if the protagonist takes a long time to find the objects to complete the heart. It will be taken into account if this idea is feasible or easy to do with so little time.


Giorgio Pannillo 

Programador y diseñador

Gustavo Rivero

Historia y Diseño 

Luis david bello

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