Umm... There is a map which is a 30 x 30 grid. You start by clicking on this map where you which to begin. On this map there are environment objects (such as trees), which once you move to using the arrow keys give you a clue as to your home's whereabouts. Get home and you win. There is a slender dude, who you initially can't see, and some psycho lumberjack guy. Avoid these people. Get killed by one of them and you lose. Ta daa! I literally only just finished the game, so there's probably some game-breaking stuff in here. Hope it still works though.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
This was created in Java, using Jetbrains' IntelliJ.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the .ZIP folder, which contains a .jar file (HomeSweeper.jar).

Extract the .jar file to somewhere of your choice, and double click the .jar to run the game. Requires Java.


Maker of Game - Me ( Ben Cooper )

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