Homesick - Made by Qifan Huang, Guanqing Lin Depiction Homesick is a video game depicting a story about the unavoidable culture shock and homesick for international students. The game is inspired by designers' personal stories as Chinese international students studying in US, aparting from their family. At the beginning of the game, the player, a Chinese girl, is separated from her parents. The house is divided into two parts. The girl's half is the night in US, while parents' half is the daynight in China. The contrast between two space indicates the time zones that separate the girl from her family. There are two "fighting" levels in the game which represents cultural shock of food and language respectively. The cultural shock will not hit the player as the bullet will not harm the character, but when the player approaches the object, the bullet will surround the player and make the player feel overwhelming, which implies a metaphor of the multicultural experience. After two "fighting" levels, there are two levels for the player moving along two different long roads. One road represents America, while another one represents China. These two levels are connected by the airplane. After walking through two roads, the girl finally unions with her parents in her Chinese house. The items represent cultural shock in the previous levels finally appearing in the home as the girl brings American culture to her home. Control W/Space/up - jump A/left - move left D/right - move right K -attack Shortcut Key 0 - load openning scene 1- load food scene 2- load language scene 3 - load American Road scene 4 - load China Road scene 5 - load Ending scene (Thanks to Yi Xie for main character design)
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Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)

Made by Qifan Huang and Guanqing Lin

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