A browser-based interactive video game that can be played using mouse or touch only. By interacting with or missing the pop-ups or secret areas in the game, player can be ended up in various different endings and can be effected by their choices.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
We used a JavaScript-based platform named Cinema8 which enables users to create multipurpose interactive videos.
Installation Instructions: 

Just open the link and make sure that you have an internet connection (preferable a fast one).


Uğur Önal - Game Design, Camera Assistant and Foley
Sinan Şensivas - Project Manager and Main Actor
Oktay Demirhas - User Interface, Camera Assistant and Actor(Zombie)
Burçak Erçelik - Visual Director, DOP/Dir and Sound Design
Yeşim Düzgün - Director Assistant, Gaffer and Sound Design
Murat O. Turgut - Second AD, Backstage, Social Media Manager

We are thankful to Bahçesehir University Game Laboratory for hosting us in Global Game Jam @Istanbul/Turkey.
We are thankful to Cinema8 for providing us the platform.
We are thankful to İstanbul Technical University Game Design and Development club for it’s assistance.
We are thankful to Dersim Demir for her assistance during the shootings.

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