A slightly crude RPG made in RPG Maker using mostly the base assets. The unnamed protagonist enters a village to find that all the villagers seem antsy, scared, or distrustful. In interacting with the villagers, she finds out more about a catastrophic event, her relationship to it, and a lot about what it means to call a place home. Hint: The three tents mentioned in the beginning are in that order for a reason! For the best gameplay experience, work left-to-right. Hint 2: You can hold down Shift to dash. Controls: Arrow keys for movement, Shift to dash, Esc to open the menu, Enter/Return to interact with things
Jam year: 
Forgive and Fortify (Sponsored by iThrive Games)
Keep it simple
ADL Identity Framework
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
RPG Maker
Installation Instructions: 

The .exe file is simply called "Game". Double-click it. If it doesn't work, right-click and run it as an administrator.