A Home For The Winter

It's a game about a couple that get stuck in a wooden house during the winter, the woman have a injury, so the player need to go out of the house and provide some supplies for they to survive some days until the rescue. Use A and D to walk and W to interact to the ambient.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Donwload the Zip file, A Home For The Winter (Executable).zip, extract the files, open the A Home For The Winter.exe.


Daniel de Souza Monteiro - Sound Designer, DJ.

João Paulo Oliveira Abreu - Programmer, Game Designer.

José Augusto da Costa Silva - 2D Artist.

Saul Rodrigues Alcântara - Programmer, Game Designer.

Vinícius Correia Cardoso - Game Designer.

Weslley Kelnner Barbosa de Castro - 2D Artist.

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