Home Wide Web

Home is a lovely place to feel safe and relaxed, but also a place where cabin fever occurs and you have to contend with the living habits of people different to you. We reflected particularly on what home means when you live with other people you didn't choose to live with, such as in shared living. Our take on it was to think of a kind of person who never gets to choose the others in the house - a spider. Terry the spider has heard about the troubles in his house over matters of noise, cleanliness, safety and overall atmosphere and has set about making sure his housemates don't get evicted - which will also have the house fumigated by the landlord. As a team of seven it was a new experience communicating between such a large group and dividing tasks. With two artists, two audio engineers and three programmers a range of unusual challenges arose. We would like to keep at developing this as so much of the art and sound ended up not getting incorporated due to time issues. We will update here as and when we add more content!
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Please note that the start button is not visible on higher resolutions, please try a windowed mode or lower resolution if you'd like to check out the game.

Controls - arrows to move, z to drop, x to shoot web. Win levels by shooting or touching things.


Jason Tse - 2D Art

Matt Archer - 3D Art

Benjamin Walbrook, Aiden Burke - Audio

Tim Bhison, Lee Kent, Patrick Woodcock - Programming