Home Sweet Home (Premium Bunker edition)

The old man named Garry was chilling in his backyard when, suddenly, a bomb dropped in his neighborhood. Scared, he ran to his shelter, the sweet Bunker Premium from Bunker and sons. In hurry, he dropped the key and got locked inside the bunker. Now he has delicious food, healthy water and awesome devices to stay alive until someone comes to free him, eventually. The Bunker is provided with a very useful user manual, to help you keeping all your machines working properly. Bunker and sons thank you for your purchase and wish you a happy surviving. Because of time constrains, the intro is not visible in game, but the file is in the executable download
Jam year: 
The Guide I was looking for
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Windows executable (32 / 64 bits) Just unzip the folder and launch the .exe without moving it in another folder.

Game contraols are WASD for moving, look around with the mouse and left-click to interact.


Raphael (user manual, design)

Pedro (design, programming support)

Jérémy (user manual, design, programming support)

Naoki (programming)

Laureline (2D animations, UI, screens, manual translation)

Philippe (3D modeling, texturing)

Game Stills: