Home Sweet Home

Home, sweet home. A home filled with happiness and joy. A home filled with black metal, anime merchandise, and passive-aggressive post-it notes. The sweetest home ever. But something doesn't feel quite right - you find yourself stuck there. Forever? Solve the mystery, restore the Internet and find out the truth about your sweet home.
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Happy Anniversary
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
It's a point-n-click in Unreal. Yes.

Art & animation: Aleksandra Nowacka

Level design & development: Radosław Nowiński

Story & writing: Alexander Ostrowski & Barbara Kciuk



Special thanks to Jerzy Wolf for helping us with sound design!


1. Left on Deimos by Tri-Tachyon

2. CUPMEN (a song for cup ramen) (2010) by NOMODE

3. In the Branches [Loop] by Visager

4. soundotcom.com

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