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We all know this picture: evil witch laughing maliciously, brewing her poisonous brew... but even most sinister witches make mistakes and this is the case. When the brew goes wrong, something else goes too and unluckily for our witch, it's her hut, that just happened to grow brand new leg and decided to test it's possibilities right away. Will you play as a witch, just wanting to do her witchcraft in peace, or would ou rather try to run away from her, as far as you can, to reuinite with your dearly missed herd of huts? Use your special powers, gather boosters and use all of your wit to outsmart the other player before time runs out! Featuring split screen gameplay.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programming Team: Bartłomiej Wojtowicz, Jarosław Kisiołek, Kacper Woźniak

Obstacle Placement: Bartłomiej Wojtowicz

Map Generation: Bartłomiej Wojtowicz

Movement: Jarosław Kisiołek

Project Management: Paulina Michalska

GFX Team: Paulina Michalska, Olimpia Ropek, Agata Jankowiak, Wiktoria Gawlik, Michalina Pasierbiewicz

Character Design: Olimpia Ropek, Paulina Michalska

Character Animation: Olimpia Ropek, Paulina Michalska

Illustrations: Olimpia Ropek, Paulina Michalska

Logo Design: Michalina Pasierbiewicz

Environment: Agata Jankowiak, Wiktoria Gawlik

Environment Animation: Wiktoria Gawlik, Olimpia Ropek

Storyboards: Paulina Michalska

Cinematic: Agata Jankowiak

UI: Michalina Pasierbiewicz

Game Stills: