Home-ing Missiles

On a planet inexplicably devoid of housing, two rival real estate agencies stand at the ready to supply homeless dudes with new homes. With their respective missile silos, they will now launch and steer Home-ing Missiles directly to spawn houses around dudes. Even though they are homeless, dudes are picky and will refuse to live in any house of unmatching color. When placed in a house of a matching color however, they will award points. Missiles have limited fuel before they tumble down into the planet uncontrollably. Fuel is depleted slowly over time when flying. There is also a boost however that will deplete fuel fast. Controllable with keyboard/joystick/controller/mouse.
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Extract and run appropriate executable


Player 1:

Steer: WASD/Controller joystick (LS on Xbox controller)

Launch/Boost: Space/Controller button 1 (A on Xbox controller)

Player 2:

Steer: Arrow keys/Mouse movement/Controller joystick (LS on Xbox controller)

Launch/Boost: Enter/Left mouse button/Controller button 1 (A on Xbox controller)


Axel Nordanskog

Erik Mansén

Frans Skarman

Joakim Nilsson

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