Like Home

You and your brothers are going to college, but your new home is still far from being ready... In Like Home, the idea is to trade pieces of furniture from your parents' house until it becomes home sweet home. This is a print-and-play game for 3 players, with only 4 A4 pages to print (color or B&W-low ink) + 1 for manual (avaliable in English and Brazilian Portuguese).
Jam year: 
In Ink
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
Paint Tool SAI for illustrations Photoshop for card designs

Gabriel Toschi • game and card design
Gyovana Mayara • game design and illustrations
Rafael Miranda • game design

And thanks for Gabriel Kanegae for the English manual translation and all the playtesters in São Carlos/BR jam site! <3

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