Hell kitten night's

Faust is a little boy who has nightmares; Dante, his cat, has come home to defend him. Help Dante fight Fausto's nightmares in this fun shooter where you have the power to decide if you face your fears or eliminate them completely.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Clip Studio Paint
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Download all the files and check if the zip is expandable.
  2. Install the proper drivers to get the joystick or controller in proper function. (Controll and drivers not included)
  3. Run the executable Hell kitten nights.exe


  • You have to use both joysticks in a PS4 control. Inside the game you can:
  • Manipulate Dante´s shield with the right stick.
  • Move around the screen with the left stick.
  • Reflect Fausto's nightmares to attack the enemies.

Big-Monster Team

Big-Leader - Luis Castrejon
Big-Leader - Diana Rodriguez
Decent Programer - Jesus Popocatl
Art Illustrator & Kitty lover - Patricia Echavarri
Jr Programmer & Creative - Victor Avila
Creative - Sebastian Espinosa
Creative & boring stuff writter - Hugo Legorreta

Music and Sounds
Alexei @Alexei_ost on Twt
Caribbean Fiesta
Still Alive
Hummingbirds & Landmark - Hedwig's Theme
Epidemic Sound
Gonzalo Lezana @gonlezm on Insta

Special thanks 
Karina Almazan for the stickers 
The families of each and every one of our team members for the support
Unity for the engine 
Anders Hejlsberg for the languaje
Global Game Jam, Inc. for the space and event.