Grumpa go home!

Your home is where you are safe and where you are with your family and loved ones. "Grumpa go home!" is about a family in time of apocalypse, escorting a very grumpy grandpa ("grumpa") to safety. You control Mom, Dad and Boy. Control them using keyboard arrows or WASD. Change the active character using mouse scrollwheel or "1", "2", "3" keyboard keys. Press Space to call Grandpa and he will come to you. Solve puzzles to move forward. Try to stay alive going through radiation zones and spikey corridors. Use the strengths of each character to get through obstacles: Dad is strong and can push heavy objects, Mom is fast and can get through dangerous terrains and stay alive, Boy is small and can fit through narrow passages to get to the other side. If any of the four characters dies, you lose. Get to the end of each level to finish it. There are two levels in this game prototype, finish both to complete the game.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Part-Time KamiKaze team:

Filip Kasza

Myagmar-Erdene Purevdorj

Jakub Stadtmuller

Piotr Rejdych

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